Plasma donors donated plasma and gave new life to 600 people

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Jhansi: Plasma therapy is proving lifesaving for severely infected Corona patients in Uttar Pradesh. To prevent the loss of a patient, 300 people have donated their plasma so far, which has been used to save the lives of 600 patients. With the donation of great tribes, many patients have been saved from death. At the speed of the infection of Corona Virus, Jhansi is taking the land under its purview. With this, the death toll is increasing. Among those who die, many people could not get plasma on time. The family of the patient does not have to wander here and there to get plasma, it is easily available to them. People with antibodies formed are being motivated to donate plasma. Three hundred people have donated their plasma so far.

Plasma serves two infectives

Accordingly, 600 patients with severe corona infection have been given plasma. Apart from this, people of the general public are also constantly coming forward to donate plasma. Plasma therapy is proving to be extremely effective in treating severe corona infections. Many serious corona patients have recovered due to plasma therapy. Patients have also started saying that they will donate their plasma once they are healthy. This is an auspicious sign to deal with Corona in the coming days. Campaign to donate plasma to save lives

In this period of disaster, only human will have to work for human beings. If someone’s life is saved through you, then nothing can be nobler than this. People are coming forward to donate plasma extravagantly. You get immense satisfaction after donating plasma. Plasma therapy serves as a lifesaving agent for severely corona-infected patients. Plasma is present in the body of thousands of people. Despite this, the lack of it is killing patients. The plasma donation drive is being carried out due to which such a situation does not arise.


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