Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Is Afraid Of These 5 Things, He Has Flown Sleep

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New Delhi: Ever since Imran Khan took over the reins of Pakistan, Pakistan has been moving towards waste at a quadruple speed twice a day. Imran Khan came to power with big promises. But failed on every front. In such a situation, the Corona period is proving to be the last nail in the coffin of the Imran government. Imran Khan looks scared. There are not one, not two, but five terrors who have blown the feet of Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s power is in danger. The economy is ruined and now even Pakistan’s Atom bomb is being described as a threat.

Coronavirus period is overshadowing the whole world. But the Corona period is no less than a nightmare for the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A dream that always keeps them restless while awake. Pakistan is unable to handle Corona, and the right trouble has increased after the nefarious antics of Pakistan. Because of which Imran Khan is in awe.

These are the five fears of Imran Khan who made him sleep

  • Destruction from Corona
  • Wasted Economy
  • Attack of India
  • Will the Atom Bomb splash?
  • Bajwa will put a coup

In Pakistan, the number of infections and deaths from the corona is increasing continuously. Corona infection will become extremely dangerous after Imran’s decision to open the lockdown. The previously ruined economy in Pakistan is now completely ruined. After the terrorist attacks in India, Imran Khan is afraid of big attacks of India. Imran’s former partner Javed Miandad has expressed fear that the atom bomb of the country will be snatched and the way Imran Khan has failed in the Corona era. The army can also oust Imran Khan from power.

Corona is proving to be a big problem for Pakistan, but Imran Khan is in awe of the fact that somewhere angry with terror attacks, India should not take big revenge from Pakistan to Balakot. Meanwhile, what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said by remembering the nuclear test in Pokhran must have increased Imran Khan’s worries.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said- The Pokhran test in 1998 also showed the difference a strong political leadership can make.

The biggest threat to Imran Khan is from this leadership of India, who is willing to enter Pakistan and teach a lesson. Not only Imran Khan but the whole of Pakistan afraid of New India. This is the reason that Pakistan has increased patrolling in the sky after the terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and the killing of Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo in India’s action. May India do a big attack.

But Pakistan was not afraid to attack India only. Pakistan is also afraid of the fact that the atom bomb on which it rotates would be snatched away from them and this fear has come out from the statement of former cricketer Javed Miandad.

According to former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad, his nuclear weapons are in danger due to mounting debt on the country. If Pakistan does not repay the debt of organizations like IMF, then they will take our Atom Bomb. Not only this, but Miandad has also opened a bank account to repay these debts and appealed people to deposit money in it.

Miandad has stated his plan by tweeting a video on Twitter on Saturday night. He said, ‘I have opened an account with the National Bank of Pakistan. I beg you guys to deposit money in it so that our Atom bomb can be saved. If we do not return the loan of organizations like IMF, then they will take this bomb. I know that the people of this country have looted their own country a lot. Now is the time when they can atone for their sins by begging me. Pakistanis living abroad should also perform duty.”

Miandad did not stop here, in the video he further says, ‘My new account is international and I will only use it. We will pay the IMF loan. People deposit money in it every month. We already have a lot of debt. If we now go to take a loan from the IMF, then they will first ask for our nuclear weapon i.e. our bomb. If it is to be saved, then their money has to be returned. For this, I am begging you.

It is clear that along with Imran Khan, the whole of Pakistan is in awe at this time and Imran Khan has no way to end this fear of himself and the people of his country.


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