Only 20 per cent of the population in Chhattisgarh got the first and 3.5 per cent got the second dose of Corona vaccine

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Raipur: The pace of corona vaccination is slow in the state. Statistics show that 55.07 lakh people have been able to apply the first dose so far in the state with a population of 2.80 crores, that is, 20 per cent of the total population while only 3.5 per cent of the people have done the second dose. The percentage of second dose users is very less as compared to those who put the first dose, which is raising the concern of the government. Health department officials themselves are accepting that people will have to be contacted to get a second dose. AIIMS Covid 19 Unit Head Dr Atul Jindal and Dr RK Panda, Head of TB & Chest Department of Ambedkar Hospital believe that it is necessary to raise awareness among people about vaccines, as this is the only way to prevent this disease. In the third wave, children are being told more danger, vaccination will reduce this risk. Let us know that 63% of the health care workers and front line warriors group have taken dosages. If the same figure is more than 45 and the immunization of citizens of the age group of 18 to 44, then the state will be safe.

Vaccination is not catching pace due to 3 major reasons

First, lockdown – Lockdown has been imposed in the state since April 6, which has been extended till May 31. People are not leaving their homes.

Second, Covishield – The majority of individuals in the state have the Covishield vaccine. Now the time for the second dose of this vaccine has been extended from 12 to 16 weeks, ie 3-4 months. That is, for those who got vaccinated on 16 March, the second vaccine will be given from 16 May.

Third, fear and rumours – There is still a fear among people about vaccination. Especially in villages. Statistics also show that in a big city like Raipur, only 56 per cent of people have so far done the first dose. (As stated by the State Health Department officials) Till now, what percentage of people of which class has been vaccinated

(As stated by the State Health Department officials)

Till now, what percentage of people of which class has been vaccinated

CategoryGoalHow much did it take
Health care worker (first dose)3,39,732 – 3,03,46698.4 percent
Health care worker (second dose)3,39,732 – 2,15,43263 percent
Front line worker (first dose)2,93,040 – 3,02,660more than 100 percent
Front line worker (second dose)2,93,040 – 1,085,17763 percent
Above 45 years of age (first dose)58,66,599 – 43,59,02174 percent
Above 45 years of age (second dose)58,66,599 – 6,15,26610 percent

Vaccination in these sections in the state

More than 45 years of age

Total population 58.66 lakh – Central government is providing free vaccines for these. The state is dependent on the centre. Their vaccination started on 16 March. 3.26 lakh doses a day were engaged in the state. However, ever since the vaccination for the 18 to 44 age group was announced, the pace of getting vaccines for 45 plus people has slowed down. The state government says that not enough vaccines are available.

18 to 44 years old

Total population 1.35 crores – For this age group, the state government has to buy vaccines. 2 companies have been given orders for 75-75 lakh vaccines, but the supply is decreasing. The state has divided this category into 4 categories. APL which is a large class group, their quota vaccines are almost over. People are returning from vaccination centres. The state has written a letter to companies asking them to give vaccines soon.

Covishield is more engaged in the state, the centre has extended the time of the second dose, so their vaccination will take time. Vaccines are lower for those over 18 years of age. You will get vaccines.

Dr Amar Singh Thakur, State Immunization Officer, Health Department


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