On the allegations of Kejriwal government, the Union Health Minister said, ‘giving oxygen more than quota to Delhi’

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New Delhi: The central government has clarified the ongoing shortage of oxygen in hospitals of Delhi. Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan said that Delhi is being given more oxygen than its quota. In such a situation, it is the job of the Delhi government to send oxygen everywhere from the centre.

The Centre will start in next 24 hours

Dr Harshvardhan said that Sardar Patel Covid Center will start in Delhi in the next 24 hours. This hospital has been completed in collaboration with DRDO and ITBP. At present, 40 doctors have joined it and 120 paramedical staff are going to join soon. For the recruitment of patients, only paramedical staff are waiting to reach the ITBP Center, which will reach by tomorrow afternoon. After that this centre will be made operational.

500 beds will be started in the first phase

He said that only 500 beds are being opened in the first phase. They also have an oxygen support system. In the next 3 phases, 500-500 beds will be increased and a total of 2000 beds will be available for patients here. With the start of this hospital, the pressure of the hospital in Delhi will be relieved. Especially the people of South Delhi will benefit greatly from this.


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