Now you will get a free food packet without showing your identity card

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Bangalore: During the lockdown, the poor, destitute, migrant labourers, including Indira Canteen, needy people will now get food packets at all three times without showing any identity card.

The Greater Bangalore Metropolitan Municipality had said in an order issued on Tuesday that beneficiaries will be able to take food packets free of cost by showing any identity card issued by the government. On Wednesday, during the visit of Indira Canteen on the first day, after seeing the problems caused by the condition of identity card to the people, the Municipal Commissioner directed to abolish the identity-related condition.

Municipality commissioner Gaurav Gupta said that the beneficiary’s identity card or mobile number would not be required to collect packets of food to be distributed to the needy from Indira canteens. Instructions have been given to the officials to help every needy person.

On Tuesday itself, the government announced to distribute free food packets three times through Indira canteens to the needy by May 26 during a two-week lockdown in Bangalore as well as other districts. Earlier, after visiting the Indira canteen in Chickpet and Dharmaraya Swamy ward of the city, Gupta said that 3 lakh breakfast and food packets would be distributed daily through the canteens. By May 24, breakfast and food packets will be distributed free of charge in the morning, afternoon and evening every day.

He said that to control the corona epidemic, following the guidelines announced by the administration, breakfast and food are being prepared in the food halls. An allocation of Rs 25 crore has been made for this scheme by the state government.


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