Now Corona Patients Will Not Be Able To Keep Mobiles In The Hospital, The Reason Is Surprising

Sir Gangaram Hospital (Source: Twitter)
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Lucknow: The Yogi government has shown some strictness regarding the patients admitted to COVID hospitals. Now patients will not be able to keep their mobile phones here. There will be two separate phone arrangements in the hospital to talk to relatives on the phone. The ward in-charge will make patients talk to their families. These restrictions have been imposed in L-2 and L-3 hospitals. DG Medical Education has issued an order in this regard.

If you feel that corona will be spread by mobile phone then it is not so. If sources are to be believed, this decision has been made by the patients keeping mobiles in the hospital by making horrific pictures and videos of the disorder on social media, which was exposing the government’s gritty and false claims, hence this decision has been taken.

Recently, painful pictures of quarantine centres and hospitals from Meerut and Agra went viral. Due to which the government was troubled. Perhaps this order has been issued in view of this.


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