Nirmala Sitharaman made these big announcements know who got what

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New Delhi: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore on Tuesday. The Finance Minister has announced several sectors during this period. Let us know which sector got what in the announcement made by the Finance Minister.

The Finance Minister said that this package has been prepared after meeting many sections of the society. This package has been given to promote the development and create a self-sufficient India. This package is made on PM’s mantra economy, infrastructure, systems, demography, demand.

  • The local brand has to be recognized globally.
  • Jandhan, Aadhaar and mobiles have brought great relief to poor sections.
  • Money is getting directly into people’s accounts through DBT, no one has to go to the bank.
  • Women have got a free gas connection from Ujjwala scheme.
  • RBI has given relief to the middle class in loans.
  • 30% of borrowers took the Mauritorium in April
  • The government has already announced the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package.
  • More than 43 thousand crore rupees have been transferred to 41 crore bank accounts.
  • 71738 metric tonnes of pulses have been distributed.
  • A tax refund of Rs 18 thousand crores has been given to taxpayers.
  • This will benefit 14 thousand crore taxpayers.
  • Government announces to take six steps for cottage small scale industry.
  • Announcement of 3 Lakh Crore Package for MSME.
  • Cottage industries will get loans without collateral.
  • No guarantee is required.
  • The loan will be available for four years, to be repaid after 12 months.
  • The government has made a provision of funds.
  • Special plan for MSME in difficult condition.
  • The government changed the definition of MSME.
  • MSMEs working in the service sector and manufacturing MSMEs are given equal status.
  • Micro-industry status to a company with an investment of one crore and a turnover of five crores.
  • Small industry status to a company with an investment of 10 crores and a turnover of 50 crores.
  • Those who want the MSME extension want to do so.
  • Rs 20 thousand crore relief for MSMEs in crisis.
  • Government tender of 200 crores will not be tender.
  • Whatever payment is left of MSME in government companies, it will be given in 45 days.
  • The government will contribute for the next three months for the employees working in these industries whose salary is less than 15 thousand.
  • The government will bear 24 per cent PF contribution employees and companies in June, July and August 2020.
  • PF contribution has been increased to 10-10 per cent instead of 12-12 per cent. However, no such provision has been made in government companies.
  • 30 thousand crore liquidity plan for NBFC.
  • Government to become a guarantor to give loans to NBFCs facing a shortage of money.
  • Electricity distribution companies will get 90 thousand crore fund.
  • These companies will get loans through Power Finance Corporation and REC.
  • The last date for filing income tax returns has been extended till November 30.
  • The last date for filing the first return was 31 July and 31 October.
  • Taxpayers have got a big relief.
  • 25% reduction in TDS rate.
  • To be implemented from tomorrow till 31 March 2021.
  • This will give relief of 50,000 crores to TDS and TCS payers.
  • There will be a huge relief for non-salaried people, ie professional.
  • Refund will be given immediately to Charitable Trust, LLP, proprietors.
  • Tax audit dated 31 October.
  • Six months relief for a registered project in RERA.
  • Force Measure will be implemented for Real Estate, that is, they will get time relief in project completion.
  • Their contract will not be considered over.
  • Their registration and completion time has been extended for 6 months.
  • Its date will be considered as March 25, 6 months from these days.
  • Relief is given by considering the Act of God in Force Major.



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