MP Dr Narendra Jadhav reached wearing a HEPA mask arrived in Parliament to avoid Corona, people made such comments on social media

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New Delhi: The second phase of the budget session of Parliament has started on Monday. To participate in this session, all MPs arrived wearing different masks to rescue from Corona. But the mask of Rajya Sabha MP Dr Narendra Jadhav became the centre of discussion on Monday. People commented heavily on social media on their high-quality mask.

Dr Jadhav arrived wearing a HEPA mask on Monday

According to the information, Dr Narendra Jadhav was nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha in 2016. He arrived in Parliament on Monday wearing a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) mask. In this mask, his mouth and eyes and nose were also covered. Dr Jadhav said that this mask has a capacity of 99.7%. This means that this mask prevents most particles from entering the body. He told that this filter mask has been designed by former MP Vishweshwar Reddy.

A round of comments went on social media

After seeing Dr Narendra Jadhav in this unique mask, a round of funny comments started on social media. Many said that the MP is probably going for scuba diving. Some said that HEPA filter masks are for polluting elements, not viruses.

‘It would have been nice to have started mass production of this’
One user said that start its mass production. So that the common people can also get the benefit of it.

‘Are going for Scuba Diving?’
The other user wrote that are you going to do scuba diving in Parliament?

‘Brother, anything can happen if you have money’
Another user tweeted the film scene of Akshay Kumar and Rajpal Yadav that brother, if money is there, then nothing can happen.

‘It would have been better to wear a helmet’
One user commented that with this mask, it would have been better to have worn the helmet.


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