Modi government’s big decision, lockdown extended for two weeks across the country

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New Delhi: Taking a big decision, the Modi government has extended the lockdown for two weeks across the country. The 40-day lockdown was going to end on 3 May. According to the new decision of the government, now the lockdown will run till May 17. PM Modi had a meeting with the ministers today. The government took this decision after an extensive review of the situation arising out of Coronavirus infection. The Home Ministry issued the order today under the Disaster Management Act 2005 and decided to extend the lockdown for two weeks. Significantly, the first phase of the lockdown was from 25 March to 14 April, which was later extended (from 15 April) to 3 May (the second phase).

On corona infection, the Ministry of Health has divided the country into 3 zones. There are 319 districts in the Green Zone and 284 in Orange Zone. 130 districts including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad are in the Red Zone. There will be a conditional exemption in the Green Zone and Orange Zone but no relaxation will be available in Red Zone. Air service, rail service, Metro will be closed till 17. Buses will run in the Green Zone with conditions. The bus will be allowed to carry half the capacity. Cinema Mall, Gym, Club will be closed till 17 May. A passenger with a taxi driver has been approved in the Orange Zone.

A passenger with a taxi driver has been approved in the Orange Zone. People aged 65 years are prohibited from going out. Children under 10 years of age are still prohibited from going out. Pregnant women are not allowed out of the house. There will be a ban on autos, taxis, rickshaws and buses in the Red Zone.

A look at the major areas of the Red Zone
14 districts of Maharashtra, 12 districts of Tamil Nadu, all 11 of Delhi, 10 of West Bengal and 9 of Madhya Pradesh, nine of Gujarat, 19 districts of Uttar Pradesh, six of Telangana and five districts of Andhra Pradesh are included in the Red Zone. Apart from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad are also in the Red Zone.

These services will remain closed in all three zones
The government has made it clear that air services, rail services, metro services, schools and colleges will remain closed till 17 in all three zones. The lockdown will continue on the spa and salon until May 17. State governments can decide to open spas and salons in the green zone.

What will be open in the Red Zone, will be closed:
Strictness will continue in the Red Zone. However, some activities are exempted outside the Containment Zone in the Red Zone. IT companies, cold storage, call centres will open in the red zone. A passenger with a personal or driver is allowed in the Red Zone. Only drivers will be allowed in two-wheelers.

What will remain open in the Red Zone, what will be closed: In the Red Zone, the strictness will continue in the Red Zone. However, some activities are exempted outside the Containment Zone in the Red Zone.

  1. Rickshaws, autos, taxis and buses are banned in the Red Zone.
  2. IT company, call centre, cold storage will be opened.
  3. Warehouse, private security service is allowed.
  4. Units for making essential goods will be opened.
  5. The shop will be opened in residential areas.

What will open in Orange Zone, will remain closed: Conditional relief will be available in Orange Zone during the lockdown

  1. The driver will be able to travel in a cab and take a ride
  2. Will be able to travel from one district to another with their trains
  3. Shops will open in low transition areas with conditions
  4. Salons and spas will continue till May 17

What will open in the Green Zone, will it be closed: During the lockdown, there will be a big relief in the Green Zone.

  1. Approval to open factories, shops, small industries.
  2. A bus can run with half ride conditions.
  3. Religious places, hotels and restaurants will remain closed till 17 May.
  4. 50 people will be able to go to the wedding and 20 to the funeral.


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