Miracle in corona era, India made the strip that will do corona test in minutes

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New Delhi: The Government of India has made a claim about Corona Testing which has created panic. The IGIB team of CSIR has devised a new type of test kit. This test has been named ‘Feluda’. A raised line in a thin strip of paper will tell whether you are corona positive or negative. This test will tell in minutes whether you are infected with Coronavirus or not.

How is the test done

Feluda test paper is based, in which a solution is applied. After removing the RNA of the coronavirus, after placing the strip on it, a certain type of band is seen, which shows corona positive or negative.

The Feluda test kit uses the CRISPR gene-editing technique. CRISPR recognizes certain types of genetic sequences and divides them into the least, this technique has also been used for testing Zika virus. This paper strip test kit has been created by two scientists from the Department of Genomics and Integrative Biology.

The first band to appear on the strip is the control band, changing the colour of this band would mean that the strip has been used correctly. The second band is the test band, changing the colour of this band will mean that the patient is corona positive. If no band is seen, then the patient will be treated as corona negative.

Why the name FELUDA
This test is neither a rapid test nor an RT-PCR test. This is the third type of RNA based test. The technique of detection used in this test is FNCAS9 EDITOR LINKED UNIFORM DETECTION ASSAY.

So far, Q-PCR machine is being used for corona test, which is expensive and takes more time to report. In such a situation, doctors say that if the corona infection is recognized early, it can be controlled. Therefore, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has brought forward Feluda technology. CSIR has signed an MoU with Tata Sons for the production and development of ‘Feluda’.


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