Merck will share formula for its Covid19 pill with developing nations

(Source: Twitter)
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German pharmaceutical company Merck has said that it will allow other companies to manufacture its Covid-19 pill (tablet). Those poor countries who are not able to buy expensive vaccine of Covid-19 will benefit the most from this decision of the company. Crores of people of these countries will get relief from this decision. The United Nations has given information about this decision of the company.

The UN Public Health Organization’s Medicines Patent Pool said in a statement – ​​We have signed an agreement with Merck and its partner company Rigebeck regarding the drug Molnupiravir. After this some companies will get approval to prepare this drug. For this, no company will be required to deposit royalty. The reason for this is that this drug has been kept in the category of global emergency products. Molnupiravir is believed to be the first effective drug in the treatment of corona.

Commenting on Molnupiravir, Charles Gore, executive director of the Madison Patent Pool, said, “The initial results of this drug have been excellent and we expect the license agreement to open the way for other companies as well.

According to Gore, till now all efforts have been made to make such an agreement regarding the vaccine, but no country or company has been ready for it. Merck has appealed to the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency to approve its drug. However, both the agencies have not yet given any reply on this.

Merck said earlier this month that its drug would reduce the chances of hospitalization and deaths to a great extent. So far this tablet has been considered very effective after the initial symptoms of corona were seen. This tablet can be taken at home on the advice of the doctor. This will reduce the burden of patients on hospitals and the biggest benefit will be to poor countries.


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