Lockdown Will Continue In This City Even After May 31, Collectors Said – Can Not Take The Risk

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Indore: Indore city, which became the Corona Epicenter of Madhya Pradesh, will not fully open even after the end of Lockdown 4.0 on 31 May. Indore collector Manish Singh has given this statement. He said that it will take time to understand the situation of the city right now. Therefore, after 31 May, we cannot open Indore as before.

Collector Manish Singh said that the city will be gradually opened in several stages. He said that due to the relaxation of Lockdown 4.0, cases have increased in one or two places. Therefore, risk cannot be taken. The city will have to understand the first 15-20 days. People should not misunderstand at all that the lockdown is going to open from 31 May.

Indore collector Manish Singh said that if you want to win the battle with Corona, awareness is very important. The people of Indore are not so aware, neither following social distancing properly nor applying mask.

The collector said that the people of Indore are careless. The Collector spoke of stern action against those who do not wear masks. He said that those who do not wear masks will soon start applying heavy spots.


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