Lockdown: Petrol-diesel will Not Be Available If You Come Out Of The House Without A Mask, Strict Actions Will Be Taken

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Lucknow: Lockdown 4 has been implemented by the Central Government. After the implementation of Lockdown 4, the UP government has also issued a guideline, which has been given considerable relaxation.

Apparently, after the exemption, the movement of vehicles on the roads will also increase, due to which, Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey has ordered to apply the formula of No Mask No Fuel from May 21, after which the petrol pump personnel will not give oil to those trains. Whose drivers should not have masks?

The police commissioner has said that no person leaves without a mask, if any person is found without a mask, legal action will be taken against him.

Now 2 people will not be able to run on a motorcycle. The woman, sick or elderly person is exempted. At the same time, if 2 persons are found leaving on the bike, action will be taken against them by sealing the vehicle and registering an FIR.

It is clear in the guideline that no shopkeeper, without a mask, should not give goods to any person under any condition. 3 riders will not be allowed to run in four-wheelers. It has also been appealed that no one comes out of the house unnecessarily, only the persons allowed in Lockdown 4 will be able to leave. In any case, necessary legal action will be taken against the persons found violating the rules of lockdown by registering a case as per rules.


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