Lockdown in Delhi can be increased for 7 more days: Sources

lockdown in Uttar Pradesh (Source Twitter)
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New Delhi: The lockdown can be extended once again amid increasing cases of corona in Delhi. Let us tell you, according to sources, the lockdown can be increased once again for 7 days in Delhi. Sources have said that this will be done because the number of deaths from Corona in Delhi is increasing. At the same time, matters are not getting reduced.

Let us tell you, in the last 24 hours, there have been 19,832 new cases of corona in Delhi. At the same time, 341 people have died. There are currently 91,035 active cases in Delhi. At the same time, 18,739 people have died from Corona.

The situation is much worse than Corona in Delhi. People are neither getting beds nor oxygen. Till now many people have died due to a lack of oxygen in Delhi.

Third-wave may knock soon

At the same time, the coronavirus, which has been continuously raging in India for the last year, is now in the hunt for new victims. In the first wave of corona infection, its victims were people above the age of 45 years. In the second wave, the coronavirus has targeted people between 18 and 45 years old. Whereas the third wave can strike children like a crisis. The third wave of the months of October-November may be the most dangerous period yet. In which the coronavirus will not take people in its JD after seeing age.

What did the doctor say on the third wave?

Ved Chaturvedi, who is a doctor at Gangaram Hospital, says, ‘The most difficult thing that has been predicted for the third wave will be that the third wave will be more serious because what happens is that the virus keeps mutating continuously. When he removes anything in his Against, he is also ready to save.

That is, the coronavirus is in the process of changing its form once again. So that during the third wave of infection, it can wreak havoc as much as possible.

However, given the pace of vaccination in India, it is also very difficult to say that every adult will get their first dose of vaccine before October.


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