Lockdown: Amazon India Will Provide Temporary Jobs To 50 Thousand People

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Bengaluru: E-commerce company Amazon India said that it will temporarily hire 50 thousand people to meet the boom in online demand due to Coronavirus epidemic.

The company said in a statement that these jobs will be given in warehousing and delivery network etc.

The company said that due to the coronavirus epidemic, people are shopping online. In such a situation, online demand for various products has increased. To meet this increased demand, 50 thousand people will be appointed temporarily.

The company has made this announcement at a time when e-commerce activities have started returning to normalcy in the rest of the country, except for the restriction of lockdown. This also becomes particularly relevant because many technology-based companies such as Swiggy, Jomato, Sharechat, Ola have laid off in the last few days.

Amazon’s Vice President of Consumer Satisfaction Operations (Asia Pacific, West Asia, North Africa and Latin America) Akhil Saxena said, “One of the things we learned from the Kovid-19 epidemic is that Amazon and e-commerce are for their customers, small businesses and the country.” Can play such an important role. We have taken this responsibility seriously and we are proud of the work that our team is doing to help small and other businesses reach our customers during this difficult time. We want to continue helping customers across India get everything they need so that they keep following a safe distance among themselves. For this, we are creating work opportunities for about 50,000 special session assistants in our storage and delivery network. This will provide work to as many people as possible during the pandemic and will also provide a safe environment for work.

The company said in a statement that people interested in these temporary jobs can call 1800-208-9900 or send an email to seasonalhiringindia@amazon.com.


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