Lockdown 4.0: Bus service will start in Delhi, know what will open and what will be closed

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New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal gave a press conference on Monday about what will be opened in Delhi during lockdown 4.0 and which services will be exempted. Kejriwal told that there are 10054 cases in Delhi so far and 160 people have died so far. However, 4485 people have recovered. That means 45% of people are cured. He said that we have to make a habit of living with the coronavirus because this disease is not going to go away recently.

Let’s know about what services will be closed in Delhi during lockdown:

These services will be discontinued:

  • Puja sites will be closed.
  • Metro service will be discontinued.
  • Hotels will remain closed.
  • Restriction on the metro, school, college, hotel mall, gym, swimming pool, the theater will continue.
  • Religious places will remain closed, religious programs will remain closed.
  • Barbershop, salon, spa will remain closed.
  • Prohibited from leaving the house from 7 to 7 in the evening.
  • Permission to open the restaurant but only for home delivery.
  • Carpooling will not be allowed.

These services will be operational:

  • Transport will open, auto-rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw will allow one passenger.
  • Bus service will start all over Delhi. Only 20 passengers will be allowed to travel on one bus. The screening will take place before the riders board the bus
  • Only two passengers will be allowed in the taxi.
  • 2 passenger waiver in rural service.
  • A private car will run, 2 passengers in the car, one on the bike.
  • All markets will open according to Odd-Even.
  • Every similar shop will open daily, but social distancing will have to be followed.
  • All types of the industry will open.
  • All government and private offices will open but prefer to work from home.
  • Construction work started, only with labourers living in Delhi.
  • There will be no activity in the Containment Zone.
  • Masks will be necessary for everyone.


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