Know how long the coronavirus vaccine will come in the market?

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Currently work is underway on 111 Coronavirus Vaccine and 197 Treatment of Coronavirus at present. Of these, only 9 are in the early stages of the clinical trial, while the rest are in the pre-clinical trial phase.

There have been as many due to Coronavirus so far. The global economy is also going through perhaps the worst phase of the last century. At the same time, the large population of the world is forced to remain locked in homes. Governments around the world are struggling vigorously to control this global pandemic. Scientists and researchers all over the world are working all day to find an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Everyone says that only one vaccine can give a definite and decisive victory in the war against this global epidemic. The vaccine is the only treatment by which people can return to normal life. Let us know that till now 36.66 lakh people have been infected with this virus worldwide. Of these, 2.53 lakh people have died. In such a situation, there is only one question on everyone’s tongue, how long will its vaccine be available in the market?

Labs and pharma companies are working very fast
Scientists say that the process of making a vaccine is very long. It takes many years to make a vaccine. Also, there is a possibility of failure in the process of vaccine formation. However, in the current situation, many laboratory and pharmaceutical companies are working fast enough to find an effective cure along with making a vaccine for the coronavirus. It can be said that scientists are working to stop all work and make corona vaccine.

Some have claimed that the vaccine will come in the market early next year. Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently said that millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccine will be available to people as early as 2021. Let us tell you that Dr Fossey is also a key member of The US President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 task force. However, it is a bit complicated to tell the exact time when the vaccine is available.

US President Donald Trump recently said that by January 2021, he will make 30 million doses available for his citizens. (Source: Twitter)

9 Vaccines are undergoing clinical trials in the world
According to the Milken Institute, an independent think tank in California, USA, 111 vaccines of SARS-CoV-2 are currently in operation worldwide. At the same time, 197 medicines are also being tested to combat the coronavirus. The Institute says that at present, clinical trials of only 9 vaccines in 111 are going on. At the same time, work on the remaining 102 vaccines is still going on in the initial stages. Explain that in clinical trials, the vaccine is tested on humans.

Clinical trials determine how effective the vaccine is. It is also decided that how many doses of vaccine are required to be given to any person. In the last stage, the side effects of the vaccine are detected. After all, stages are successful, it is sent to the regulator for review. Then approval for the production of the vaccine is obtained. After this, it is launched in the market for everyone.

Trump said, 30 crore doses will be available by January 2021
Doctor Ashley St. John, Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, says that it is difficult to say anything about the vaccine. It may take several months for the vaccine to enter the market. Corona vaccine preparation is a very difficult challenge. Actually, at this time there is no virus similar to this in the world, which can help in research. Doctor John said that much financial help is needed to make the vaccine. He said that the country which will be successful in making a vaccine, will first provide its dose to its citizens.

US President Donald Trump has said that by January 2021, he will prepare 300 million doses of the vaccine for his citizens. At the same time, Serum Institute of India (SII) CEO Adar Poonawala recently said that this vaccine will be given to the citizens of his country first. After this, the Government of India will decide which country to give. Let us know that SII is working on a vaccine with Oxford University.