Khadi Mask And Desi Ghee Will Be Made Global From Local, Government Starts Preparations

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New Delhi: After the self-sufficient package, on the agenda of the government, there are local products which can create a global market and earn foreign exchange. Currently, Khadi products and desi ghee have come on the radar. According to Khadi Gramodyog chairman Vinay Saxena, “We received orders for 8 lakh Khadi masks in the country”.

He said, “We have made 6.5 lakh masks. We are preparing to carry masks in the market of Europe, America and the Middle East. Our masks are of two-layer and three layers. The double twist fabric is made and thus It is made that the necessary moisture remains in it so that the air flows in and out.

The different range for men and women
There is a different range of masks for women, a different range for men and silk masks too. Its speciality is that hand made. After the Prime Minister’s appeal, there is a demand for Khadi products not only in the country but also abroad, so we are taking it to global.

Desi Ghee will be Global Marketing
Atul Chaturvedi, Secretary of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Central Government, states that “Just as Europe has marketed olive oil, we are going to market desi ghee. Desi ghee has many benefits for health. Which needs to be brought to the fore. We have sought the benefits of desi ghee from ICAR and a strategy is being prepared. Our farmer, the dairy business will be benefited greatly if the global demand for desi ghee is made. “

There is a lack of awareness about desi ghee abroad
Agriculture marketing expert Akhilesh Yadav, living in Australia, explains that “abroad ghee is called clarified butter, as far as Indian ghee is concerned, there is a lack of awareness about it. Especially desi cow ghee, like these hearts It is better for Is there. It works to speed up the brain, increase memory. “

He said, “All these things should be told to the people, I do not understand why this has not happened so far, well it is better to come late. After all the benefits are gone, people will surely like it and the people of India are good Orders will be received. “


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