Inspector of Delhi Police presented a unique example, donated blood 101 times so far

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New Delhi: During the Corona period, Delhi Police is helping the people in different ways by becoming the police of the heart. Today let us introduce you to one such inspector of Delhi Police who has done 101 units of blood donated in his life so far. In the Corona era alone, he has scored a century while donating blood 3 times.

Surendra Singh is posted in Tihar Jail

Everyone is talking about Inspector Surendra Singh Yadav, posted in the Third Battalion of Delhi Police, whose posting is in Tihar Jail. Their job is to bring the prisoners of Tihar jail from security to sitting in the jail van and presenting them in the court and taking them to the hospital. Before this, Surendra has done duty in traffic police and many units from the district. Surendra Singh says that he started donating blood for human service during his college studies in 1990, which continues till now. After being admitted to the police in 1996, he has donated blood 60 times.

The number is given for emergency blood in hospitals

In a special conversation, Inspector Surendra Singh said that he has a blood group (A-), which belongs to any one of 1000 people. That is why Surendra has given his phone number to many hospitals in Delhi so that if the need arises, he can save his life by giving blood to the patient of this blood group. Surendra donates blood every two months according to the need. They say that donating blood brings great joy because we are saving their lives by giving blood to those whom we do not know. He said that everyone should donate blood. This does not cause weakness in the body. Surendra said that as long as his body is with him, he will continue to do human service by donating blood.


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