India is moving better towards preventing corona infection than the world

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New Delhi: In the global campaign against the coronavirus, India is not only fighting the epidemic in a better way but if we see the situation of India today compared to other countries of the world, we are many times ahead.

If we look at the world’s top 20 countries at par with India’s population, there have been 84 times more corona cases and two hundred times more deaths than India.

The Health Ministry has again redesigned health facilities under Kovid Management. There are 855 COVID hospitals across the country, with 1,65,723 beds.

These include 1,47,128 isolation beds and ICU beds. At the same time, the number of Kovid Health Centers in the country is 1,984. These centres have 1,31,352 beds with 1,21,403 isolation beds and 9,949 ICU beds.

The government has set up 4,362 COVID care centres, which have 3,46,856 beds. There are 17 COVID Care Centers in Delhi with a total of 5000 beds.

72 lakh N-95 masks and 36 lakh PPE kits have been given to states and central institutions.

Talking about corona infected patients, 2.48 per cent of COVID patients need ICU. 1.94 per cent needs oxygen support. Of these, 0.40 per cent need ventilators.

There are a chain of 343 government and 129 non-government testing labs in the country and 16,09,777 tests have been done so far. Mortality from the corona is 3.3 per cent while the recovery rate is 30.7 per cent.

A new case of the corona has not been revealed in the last 24 hours in 10 states of the country.

Andaman and Nicobar

Arunachal Pradesh

Dadra and Nagar Haveli


Jammu and Kashmir






4 states where there is not a single case of corona till now are-

Daman and Diu




Overall, compared to the world, India is moving better towards preventing corona infection. However, the challenge has not subsided yet.


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