India crossed the 75 crore mark in Covid-19 Vaccination, now it’s the turn of the children

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New Delhi: People’s anger has erupted against the restrictions imposed after the increasing outbreak of Corona. Protests are taking place in France against the health pass. The French government has made it necessary to go to public places for a vaccine certificate or a negative report of Covid-19, either of these.

People not getting vaccines in other countries

It has been named Health Pass and the government says that a health pass is mandatory for the coronavirus, but the people there are now tired of following the Covid-19 protocol. Similarly, in Istanbul, Turkey, there have been protests with the argument that the vaccine will not be administered.

The Turkish government is upset that people are not participating in the mass vaccination campaign there and are not ready to get the vaccine. For this reason, the cases of corona are also increasing in Turkey. The government has appealed to all citizens to unite in the fight against the epidemic.

Protests are also taking place in New York regarding the fact that proof of vaccination should not be sought from place to place. Whether they will get the vaccine or not, there is a demand to leave it at the will of the public. Apart from these, there are many such countries where people are not following the Kovid protocol or are not ready to get the vaccine.

India crossed the 75 crore mark

Amidst such conditions of the world, India has set a record of 750 million vaccine doses, which is a big achievement in itself. In India, more than 10 per cent of people i.e. about 18 crore people have taken both doses. Whereas more than 30% i.e. more than 56.5 crores have taken a single dose. India has also been congratulated by WHO for this record.

According to the central government, people who have had both doses of the vaccine get 97 per cent protection from the corona. The parents of small children are also waiting now that if the children also get the vaccine, then the danger of corona will be averted. In the case of the children’s vaccine, Zydus Cadila vaccine Zycov D has been approved in India at present. They can vaccinate children by the end of September.

Children’s vaccine will come soon

Bharat Biotech’s Covaccine may also soon get approval for use for the age group of 12-18. Doctors also believe that first sick children should be vaccinated.

The vaccine is currently being administered to children aged 12-18 years in the US, UK and Canada. India will be the fourth country to start vaccinating children.


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