In this chaos, uncertainty and stress, please think about young children at home: R.Madhvan

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New Delhi: The increase in the number of corona infections is affecting the mental health of people, especially children. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor R Madhavan has appealed to people to think about their children. Along with this, explain them and ensure their safety.

He highlighted the importance of explaining the ongoing epidemic situation to children so that they can fight the disease and become stronger than before. Madhavan wrote that amidst all the chaos about the disease, children are the ones who are doing so much and need to be reassured about their safety.

R Madhavan wrote on Twitter that “In this chaos, uncertainty and stress, please think about young children at home.” Their world has become frightening and they are mostly being neglected. Explain to them what is happening and make sure that they feel relaxed and safe which is what we have to do against this fight. ”

The actor was praised by many fans for his well-thought-out post and also wrote about how the future generation is scared. He also suggested some other ways, where people can also help educate children amid an epidemic.

One user wrote, “So true! A part of this generation will grow up thinking that this is normal! “

Another said, “Yes sir are they disappointed, scared? Feeling insecure, but we are trying not to let them get distracted.”

At the same time, one user jokingly wrote that “Already kids were not going out to play adequately, instead of watching YouTube, mobile, TV. Now it’s worse, everyone inside their homes Is trapped

Let us know that the Corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in the country these days. Many states have been put on lockdown to prevent the epidemic, so many places have been banned for movement to parks and other congested sites, which has resulted in children being imprisoned in homes.


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