In a first in India, 8 Asiatic lions test positive for Covid-19 in Hyderabad zoo

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Till now we were seeing humans in the grip of coronavirus, but, now animals are also getting symptoms of the corona. It is the first time in India that animals have also suffered corona, it is reported that 8 Asian lion positives have been found in Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoo. RT-PCR tests of these lions were conducted, in which symptoms of corona have been found.

Although the zoo management is silent on this, the zoo doctor Siddhanath Kukreti has just said that it is true that the lions have shown signs of the corona, but we are still waiting for their CCMB report. We will be able to give information about this only after getting the report. According to the information, 4 lions and 4 lionesses are Covid positives. Total 12 lions in this zoo of Hyderabad.

The zoo has been closed for two days following the incident. The zoo is densely populated. Since the coronavirus is present in the air. In such a situation, zoo management does not want to take any risk. It is believed that these lions may have been infected due to contact with the people living nearby. There is also a possibility that they may have been infected by the caretakers of these lions. Because recently 25 employees working in Zoo were infected with the coronavirus.

This is the first time in India that an animal has become corona positive. However, corona disease has also been found earlier in animals in the US and Hong Kong. 8 tigers at a zoo in New York last year. And the lion met Corona positive. Coronavirus was found in dogs and cats in Hong Kong. Apart from these, earlier there was no news of corona contraction in animals.


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