Important decision was taken in Delhi government, high-level meeting, already ready for Corona’s third wave

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New Delhi: The government of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, embroiled in controversies, calling the new variant of Singapore dangerous for children, has started preparing for a possible third wave of Corona. About this, the Delhi government has held a high-level meeting. In this, CM Arvind Kejriwal has made several important decisions to combat the possible third wave.

The task force will be saved to protect children

Top officials of the government were involved in this meeting to prepare for dealing with a possible third wave of Coronavirus infection. In the meeting, CM Kejriwal decided that a special task force will be formed to save the children from the third wave. This team of officers will make preparations for the supply of beds, oxygen and medicines. It was also decided in the meeting that work will be done on a priority basis on the supply of oxygen and its availability.

Oxygen’s shortage was in the second wave

In the second wave of Coronavirus, conditions in Delhi were very bad. In addition to a large number of cases of infection here, there were also wild deaths. Oxygen deficiency was also the reason behind many deaths. There was also sharp rhetoric between the Kejriwal government and the central government regarding this and the matter also reached the court. This time the Delhi government has already engaged in other arrangements, including oxygen, in anticipation of the third wave.

Please tell that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wrote on Tuesday, tweeting, ‘The new form of Corona that came in Singapore is being described as very dangerous for children, it may come in the form of the third wave in India. My appeal to the central government is that the air services with Singapore be cancelled with immediate effect and the vaccine options for children should also be worked out on a priority basis. Expressing displeasure over this statement, the Singapore government said that it is disappointing for a Chief Minister to make such statements without facts.


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