Immunity boosting food to fight with Coronavirus

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New Delhi: To avoid coronavirus, it is necessary to wash hands from time to time, as much as it is necessary to eat the right diet. The risk of the corona is the highest for those whose immune system is weak. A report by the Oregon State University of America has revealed that there are vitamins C, D and many micronutrients that can protect you from the corona.

Vitamin D helps fight infection
According to experts, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids are very effective in increasing immunity. It is very important to have these nutrients in your diet during the corona period. Vitamin C along with increasing the immune cells present in the body also increases the number of antibodies in the body and helps in fighting vitamin D infection.

According to Adrian Lombard, professor of biochemistry at Oregon State University, nutrition is essential to avoid infection where social distancing, hand washing, and vaccine are necessary. People often ignore this but if proper nutrition is given, it can save people from corona and other infections.

Zinc is very important
If you believe in Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head- Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Max Healthcare Saket, you can eat things like tomatoes, amla, carrots, cherries to increase immunity. These act as antioxidants that increase your immunity as well as increase the warrior cells of the body.

Zinc is very important to fight against bacteria and viruses. Dry fruit and nuts can be eaten to fill zinc. Apart from this, the need of zinc can also be fulfilled by the consumption of poultry and seeds.

These things are most effective
Herbs and medicines can also be used to avoid viruses and infections. The most effective in this are turmeric, ginger, lentils, black pepper. All these are easily found in our house. These will not only add flavour to your food but will also protect you from viruses.


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