If passengers will found Covid-19 positive while travelling on the train then a penalty will be imposed with a sentence of 5 years

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New Delhi: Be careful for those travelling by train during the Corona period. Indian Railways has started a campaign, under which those who get corona infection during the journey can be sentenced to jail for up to five years. North Western Railway has started an awareness campaign, under which people are being made aware of the measures to prevent infection of Covid-19. According to Sunil Beniwal, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, if a person does not follow these guidelines in railway stations or trains and is found responsible for spreading corona infection, then the Railways will take legal action against such person.

A penalty will be imposed with a sentence of 5 years
According to our affiliate website Zeebiz.com, if the passenger is found guilty of intentionally breaking the Covid protocol, then he can be punished and punished for five years under the Railway Act 1989.

Covid protocol
If passengers do not wear masks in the train, do not follow social distancing, travel in Covid infection, spitting in the public area, spreading dirt will be punished and along with it there is a provision of punishment. Keeping in mind the coronavirus epidemic, Railways is already running only reserve trains. Also, health protocols are being followed completely in trains. Only those passengers who have a confirmed ticket are allowed to come to the station.


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