How to get a seat in special trains or bus during the lockdown

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New Delhi: After the lockdown in the country has been extended till May 17, now trapped workers and students in various states want to go back to their homes. In such a situation, the biggest challenge is how to know the train leading to your home? How will the seat on the train be booked? How to reach the railway station from home? All such questions are in the minds of people. We are telling you the right way so that you can safely get back to your state.

Do not forget to forget the railway station or bus station
If you feel that somehow reaching the railway station or bus base to go to your home will work, then you are wrong. Actually, ticket offices are not open in any railway station or bus stand. Apart from this, entry into these places without permission is also not allowed. So even if you somehow reach the railway station or bus base with a contact, then your work will not be done.

Only you will be able to travel in the list
In this train, the same passengers will be able to travel, who have been registered. That is, a list of people traveling on the special train for migrants will be prepared and accordingly, people will travel in it. Migrant labourers and students etc. have to apply for it in their home state. The state government will appoint the nodal officer in the concerned state and the list of nodal officers who prepare the list will be assigned to the Railways. Railways will then inform all those passengers so that people can reach the station on time. Only those who will be named on the list will be allowed to travel.

Contact the local DM office or transport department
Experts say that if you are stranded in another city and want to go back to your home, then you should contact the local District Magistrate office over the phone to mention that the central government has allowed all the states to bring back their local residents. Has given In such a situation, various state governments are arranging special buses or trains by keeping pace with each other. Let us tell that at present, no tickets are being received at the railway station or bus station for the journey. There will be no success by reaching here directly. Have to do. Apart from this, you can also get information by calling from the local transport department. Only the District Magistrate Office and Transport Department will be able to provide you with information about the train or bus going to your state. From these two departments, leave the house only after ensuring the correct information about the special train or bus and the place of departure.


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