How to avoid coronavirus after lockdown? Listen to the advice of this big hospital

Sir Gangaram Hospital (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: Coronavirus is not taking the name of the pandemic. Apart from this, the lockdown is also taking about 50 days. In such a situation, the government has no option but to give concession in lockdown. Now the big question is that if the coronavirus has remained like this for a long time, what is the defence? To save you from the deadly virus, Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi has given many suggestions for you. The hospital claims that if these suggestions are implemented, the coronavirus will not be able to get around you.

These are suggestions of Sir Gangaram Hospital.

– Cancel foreign trips for the next two years.

– Stop eating food for a year.

– Avoid going to non-essential weddings and parties.

– Avoid travelling if not necessary.

– Avoid visiting crowded places next year.

– Keep distance from coughing person.

– Always apply the mask on the face.

– Be very cautious in the first week of lockdown opening.

– Avoid standing between people unnecessarily.

Vegetarian food is better during this epidemic.

– Avoid going to cinema halls, malls and overcrowding for 6 months.

– Try to increase your immunity.

– Be cautious in salons and barbershops.

– Always take care of social distancing.

– Remember that the coronavirus will continue to attack for a long time.

– Do not wear a belt, watch and ring these days.

– Avoid keeping handkerchiefs in your pocket, for the time being, use hand sanitizer and tissue paper instead.

– Remove shoes and slippers outside the house.

– After coming from outside, please wash your hands and feet.

  • Suspect that if you went near any infected, take a bath with hot water as soon as you get home.


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