Higher risk of illness and death in people who have recovered from Corona? Claim in new research

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New Delhi: Even if you are cured of Coronavirus, then there is a high risk of death for the next 6 months. These include people who had mild symptoms and did not need to be admitted to the hospital. This alleged claim has been made in a research report published in Nature magazine. It has been said in the report that the world population is going to be burdened with this disease in the coming years.

Washington University did research

A researcher from the School of Medicine at Washington University in the US made a list of various diseases related to corona. In which a dangerous picture of long-term problems arises due to this epidemic. According to the report, despite initially appearing as a virus related to respiratory disease, this virus can affect every part of the body for a long time.

Risk increases with disease

Research associate assistant Ziad al-Ali says, “Our study revealed that even after 6 months of detection of the disease, the risk of death in minor cases of coronavirus does not decrease. This risk also increases with the severity of the disease. Al-Ali says that doctors should be more alert while examining patients who have been infected with corona. These patients need constant care and monitoring even after recovering.”

Long-term side effects persist

According to the researcher, after recovering from Coronavirus, its side effects have persisted for a long time. These include respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, mental health problems and hair fall. The researcher also found that after recovering from the initial infection, the risk of death from the first 30 days of the disease to the next 6 months is up to 60 per cent more. Researchers said that up to 8 people per 1000 patients recovered from corona in these 6 months can die.

Hospitalists are more at risk

He said that such patients of Coronavirus, who needed to be admitted to the hospital and were cured in a month. They also remain in this danger for 6 months. Al-Ali claimed that 29 out of 1000 people die in the case of such patients. According to the researchers, about 87,000 corona patients and about 50 lakh other patients were included in this study, who had recovered from it.


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