Health Minister Harsh Vardhan counterattacked on Rahul, said – Congress style to do politics on dead bodies

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New Delhi: Politics is also hot in the country struggling with Coronavirus in India. In particular, the accusation between the ruling BJP and Congress is not taking the name of freeze. The latest case is the sharing of data related to the corona of Rahul Gandhi. On this tweet by Rahul, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has retaliated.

He exhorted Congress to stop doing politics on dead bodies. On one hand, Harsh Vardhan hit back at Rahul and on the other, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has once again targeted the Center. Let’s know what is the whole matter

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared a graphic of ‘The New York Times’ linked to the death toll from Corona in the country, after which the BJP took on the Congress.

Harsh Vardhan hits back like this

Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan responded to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet. He said that doing politics on corpses is the style of the Congress.

‘Although vultures are disappearing from trees, it seems that their energy is being absorbed into the vultures of the earth. Do politics on corpses, learn from the vultures of the earth.

The Union Minister retaliated by making another tweet. He wrote – Rahul Gandhi trusts America more than the government of the country.

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On the other hand, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is once again surrounded by the Central Government regarding the vaccine. Priyanka has directly questioned the export of the vaccine while sharing the video tweet.

Rahul Gandhi constantly surrounds the government
Let me tell you that during the Corona crisis, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been circulating the Modi government on every issue. Recently, Rahul had targeted the government regarding the vaccine. Rahul had said that the government ignored the people here and exported the vaccine to improve its image abroad.

Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi also surrounded the government on toolkit matters. Congress has demanded action against several ministers in this case.


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