Haryana roadways turns mini-buses into ambulances

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This is the ‘mother of invention in need’, this saying which has been heard for many generations, is now showing interest in Haryana. More than 100 minibuses of Haryana Roadways parked at the depot are being converted into ambulances due to the lockdown. So that timely corona infected patients from urban and rural areas can be rushed to the hospital on time.

These buses are being specially prepared by the Transport Department of Haryana, which is not a nominal ambulance. Rather, they are capable of dealing with any type of health emergency, just like a common ambulance, these buses also have all the necessary medical equipment and this exercise of the transport department is not limited to Panchkula district alone. A similar arrangement is being made for other districts as well. So that timely corona infected patients present in these districts can be isolated quickly. Then according to the health department and doctors, the patients could be reached to the hospital for treatment.

In fact, during the pandemic, the operators of private ambulances were being accused of taking advantage of the compulsion of the people. There were many such cases. When those running private ambulances recovered thousands of rupees to cover a distance of a few kilometres. To deal with this and to overcome the shortage of government ambulances, the Haryana government has taken this route.

Haryana Roadways official said that so far only our drivers will do it. But whatever orders will come from above. If the Health Department can do it, then our driver will operate only if it is not correct. Lockdown is in force till 17 May to break the corona infection chain in Haryana. Due to this, the buses of private and cooperative transport societies are completely closed. Not only this. Rather, Haryana Roadways buses are also running on a very small number of roads. The same people can travel in that too. Those who are connected with essential services and because of which they have got the freedom to travel by the government.


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