Gujarat: 44 Newborns Found Corona Positive After Birth

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Gandhinagar: Due to Coronavirus in the country, the Central Government and the State Governments are sleepy. The only objective of all is to end this crisis by doing anything. Cases of continuously increasing corona infections are scaring people. Maharashtra has the highest number of outbreaks in India followed by Gujarat at number two. In Gujarat, 172 corona infected women gave birth, out of which 44 were found to be newly born. This also shocked the senses of the doctors, because of the community infection, the mothers of these newborns got corona infection.

Pregnant mother infection
Experts say that most of the women are in the age group of 20 to 30 years, in which the disease was not found. Most children survived the infection except for a few. Doctor Mehta said that the transfer of viral infection from mother to child was identified as vertical transmission, which needs to be studied. The standard of the child, such as whether he is positive or negative when antibodies develop, what problem did he have to study is important, which did not happen in all cases.

Corona test of pregnant women was done in Gujarat. In this, many women were found infected with the virus, which increased the concerns of doctors and the families of women. Surprisingly, most of these were found to have no symptoms of the corona, but they stayed in the containment zone and probably spread viral infection through community transfer. At the Civil Hospital, SVP, Sola Civil, Shardaben and LG Hospitals in Ahmedabad, 172 corona-infected women gave birth, out of which 44 were found to be infected.

Let us tell you that at the Civil Hospital, Dr Ajay Desai has told that delivery of 12 Corona infected women was done in the hospital, out of which no infection was found in any child. He said that in some cases, complexity has developed due to pregnancy because this condition is the immuno-suppressant.

Corona Infection Status in Gujarat
So far, more than 16 thousand cases of infection from corona have been reported in Gujarat. So far 980 people have lost their lives due to Corona in the state. The number of patients of Corona has reached more than 1 lakh 75 thousand in the country. So far, about 5 thousand people have lost their lives. In Gujarat, a total of 8,609 patients have recovered and gone home.


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