Government warns that CORONA’s peak in India is yet to come, a pandemic may resurface

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New Delhi: Even though there has been a decrease in the number of new corona-infected patients in the last few days, the threat has not yet been postponed. The government of India issued an alert on Thursday, saying that the coronavirus epidemic in the country may re-emerge, which is necessary to prepare at the national level with the help of states to control it. So that people’s lives can be saved.

The second wave of Corona has yet to come

NITI Aayog member Dr V.K. Paul said that the second wave of Corona in the country is yet to peak. Very soon, corona can take the form of rage in India. In such circumstances, along with strengthening the infrastructure, many strict decisions need to be taken to save people from this epidemic.

Corona may hit 80% of the population

Dr Paul said that the allegation is wrong that the government was not aware of the second wave of Corona. We were constantly warning people that the second wave of Corona would come. Serio positivity is currently 20 per cent in the country, and 80 per cent of the population may still be a victim of infection.

No need to worry it’s time for conflict

While giving the press conference on Thursday, Dr V.K. Paul said, ‘PM Modi said in his address on March 17 that the second wave of Corona has arrived in the country. However, there is no need to worry about this. Rather now we have to fight with him and protect ourselves.’

When will the second wave of corona peak?

During the press conference when Dr V.K. Paul was asked when the peak of the second wave of Corona would come, he told that there is no modelling system to determine when the peak of the second wave of Corona will come. It is very difficult to tell because of Corona’s unintelligent behaviour.

‘This is an epidemic, not a minor disease’

At the same time, when Dr Paul was asked that panic had increased in many countries during Corona’s Peak, can this happen in India too? Responding to this, he said that India did not panic like other countries. After all, it is an epidemic. There is no minor illness. The special thing about this disease is that it has now spread throughout the country. Now it is not even leaving the rural areas. Reaching in remote hilly states.


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