Government should listen to everyone’s mind in rescue measures

Supreme court of India (Source Twitter)
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Now elections have also been held. All the responsible politicians came to their respective destinations. Despite continuous efforts, neither the lack of oxygen in the country is being overcome nor the infected are not able to get drug injections. The judiciary is also making a lot of efforts, the last ray of hope of the people distressed by the failures of governments. The Supreme Court itself, along with half a dozen high courts, directs governments on the corona every day, reviewing their cradle.

The Supreme Court on Friday also lashed out at the Central Government in two cases involving oxygen supply related to Delhi and Karnataka. The court said that Karnataka should get 1200 MT liquid medical oxygen per day and 1200 MT in Delhi. The court also ignored these frustrating words of the Solicitor General that we surrender all the available oxygen to the High Courts, that he should distribute. On the contrary, the court said that we cannot ask them to ‘close their eyes. Recall the lockdown order of Allahabad High Court. The state did not believe him and the people of UP are indulging in corona in every village. The same situation is with Delhi. Maybe in the next few days, the court will be more strict. Strictness and punishment have their place, which should be seen and meted out to those who commit criminal negligence.

The greatest need is for relief and the biggest responsibility lies with the central government. He should get out of the circle of bureaucracy and discuss with the concerned parties. Whether it is the opposition or the scientists, the people’s representatives or the doctors or the drug manufacturing companies, they must believe that the situation that has been created so far is due to the advice of this circle. It has to be well understood that the truth cannot be suppressed by pressing the voice, as is happening in the case of a hospital in Lucknow. So listen to everyone’s mind now and not only execute the measures to avoid further losses in this wave, but also focus on making a strong strategy to avoid the fear of the third and fourth wave. There is no harm in accepting the shortcomings, but listening to everyone, including the judiciary, if the country can be saved from the havoc of Corona further, the government should take that path without hesitation and delay.

Governments will keep coming and going, but the memories of those who left the world forever will never go from the hearts of their loved ones and countrymen. Regardless of negligence, they can hardly forgive them.


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