Government Has Issued New Guidelines Regarding Malls, Hotels, Religious Places, Know What Is Important Now

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New Delhi: The central government has issued a fresh guideline regarding hotels, restaurants, malls, religious places and offices. After the relaxation of Lockdown, as the hotels, restaurants, malls are opening and offices start functioning, keeping this in mind, the Ministry of Health issued new guidelines for all these to prevent corona infection. Has

According to the Ministry of Health, there are some guidelines which are to be followed everywhere in general. At the same time, a separate guideline has been released for the mall. According to the new guideline, a distance of 6 feet will be necessary for social distancing in the mall. In addition, it will be necessary to apply masks to everyone in the mall. Spitting will be completely banned. Apart from this, all malls will have to follow all other important guidelines.

It will be necessary to keep sanitizer at the mall gate also. Along with this, the thermal screening will also have to be arranged during the entry itself. It has been clearly stated in the instructions of the Ministry of Health that only asymptomatic customers will be able to enter the mall. Apart from this, only those who come wearing masks will be given entry in the mall.

In order to follow social distancing, it has been made mandatory to deploy an adequate number of employees in the mall. Social distancing will have to be followed in the shops inside and outside the mall. Within the shop, it has to be ensured that a large number of people do not stay together. If there is a seating arrangement in the shop, then social distancing will have to be completely followed.

Not only this, but the accelerator also has to ensure that social distancing is followed properly. There will be a ban on large scale gathering within the mall and this will be ensured by the mall management. Apart from this, there should be an Aarogya Setu App in the mobile of all employees.

Similarly, the Ministry of Health has also issued a detailed guideline for hotels and restaurants in terms of corona infection, in which it will be the responsibility of management to follow social distancing.

Apart from this, religious places present in prohibited areas will remain closed to the public, but religious places located outside the prohibited areas can be opened. The ministry said that a large number of people are present at religious places, so it is important that physical distance rules and other precautionary measures are followed in such premises.

The SOP states that in view of the possible spread of infection, singing groups should not be allowed in religious places, but instead recorded hymns can be played. During this time, collective prayer should be avoided and things like Prasad distribution and a sprinkling of holy water should not be allowed.

The SOP states that touching of idols and sacred books at religious places should also be avoided and a physical distance of at least six feet should be kept in the line for entry there.

The Ministry also issued SOPs for hotels and restaurants and said that only employees with disabilities should be allowed entry and proper crowd management.

The ministry said that pregnant women, older people or employees suffering from any health problem should take extra precautions and they should avoid work like direct contact with people.

It said that there should be separate entry and exit points for different works and hotel and restaurant owners should encourage digital transactions.

The SOP stated that hotels and hospitality services should ensure proper records of visitor’s travel and medical condition.

The ministry said that the goods in hotels should be free of infection before being transported to the room. There should be a phone call for room service between visitors and employees.


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