Game Of Cricket Will Change Completely After Lockdown, Many New Rules Will Apply

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Dubai: When the game of cricket starts after the Coronavirus epidemic, international cricketers will have to change some of their common habits such as not being allowed to go to the toilet during practice and hand over their caps or sunglasses to on-field umpires.

According to International Cricket Council (ICC) guidelines, players cannot hand over their personal belongings such as caps, towels, sunglasses, jumpers etc. to umpires or teammates and have to maintain physical distance. But it has not been clear who will keep the players’ belongings. Not only this, but the umpires also have to use gloves while catching the ball.

Players cannot keep their caps and sunglasses on the field as it can lead to penalty runs as is the case with helmets. The ICC also wants players to spend less time in the dressing room before and after the match.

The ICC has already recommended the banning of saliva on the ball and now players have been advised not to touch the eyes, nose and mouth after touching the ball. Also, after coming in contact with the ball, they have been asked to clean their hands. Even during practice players’ problems may increase as they will not be allowed to use the toilet.


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