Five Crore People Will Become Very Poor, Know What Effect Corona Will Have On Children

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New Delhi: Due to the coronavirus epidemic attack and lockdown worldwide, many big problems are going to be exposed. Poverty is one of the major problems faced by the United Nations (UN) in the coming times. The UN says that due to the Covid-19 crisis, about five crore more people can go into the pit of extreme poverty this year. Not only this, the impact of everyone per cent drop in the global gross domestic product (GDP) will block the development of millions of children.

Extreme poverty will increase
UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais says that due to the Covid-19 crisis this year, about 4.9 crore more people will become the victims of extreme poverty. The number of people unsafe with food and nutrition is increasing constantly. He has asked the countries to take immediate steps to ensure global food security. Gutarais warned that if immediate steps are not taken, it is clear that the risk of a severe global food emergency is increasing.

Children will be most affected
Issuing a policy on food security, he said on Tuesday that more than enough food is available to feed the world’s 7.8 billion population. But currently, more than 82 crore people are victims of starvation. And about 14.4 crore children below the age of five years are also not developing. The number of people unsafe with food and nutrition is increasing constantly. Each percentage drop in global GDP will block the growth of 7 lakh additional children.
Gutarais reiterated the need to take ‘immediate action’ to control the worst global consequences of the epidemic.

He asked countries to work to save people’s lives and livelihoods. He said that countries need to work more in those places where there is a maximum risk. He said, “This means that countries should make food and nutrition services mandatory while providing adequate security to the people working in the food sector.”


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