First batch of vaccine Sputnik-V reaches India

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War against Corona has started in India, vaccinations of those older than 18 have started in many states. So some are about to start soon, the staff of the hospitals are mobilizing on a war footing.
Every citizen of the country has to give weapons to fight the man-eaters and now India has got another big power in this great war.

Russia’s first batch of vaccine Sputnik-V has reached India, 2 lakh doses of vaccine have arrived in India. After this, by the end of May, 3 million doses will come and then in June Russia will send another 5 million doses.

Strength of Sputnik-V
The first batch of vaccine in India
2 lakh doses came in the first shipment
30 million doses will come in May
Russia will send 50 million doses in June

At the same time, it is expected that the production of the Sputnik-V vaccine will start in the country by June-July. In such a situation, India’s strength against Corona will increase manifold, Corona will run away from India and its name will be erased to the mark.

The name of the vaccine

It was launched by the Russian Space Agency in 1957. It is said that in those days there was a competition between the US and Russia to send satellites to space, but, Russia was successful, now once again, there is a competition going on in the US and Russia about the Coronavirus vaccine. Had been. There was a competition as to which of the two countries would first manufacture the vaccine, but, Russia also won it. Because of this, Russia also named this vaccine Sputnik-V, because by launching the satellite into space, Russia once again made America number two.

Power of sputnik

Effective up to 92%
Safe and Effective Vaccine
No side effects
Single-dose also works up to 87%
Increases Immune Response Fast
Helpful in severe symptoms


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