EXPLAINED: Can you consume alcohol after getting vaccinated?

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If you want to avoid corona, then you have to avoid the jam, because the corona vaccine may prove ineffective on drinkers. Yes, you have heard, it is a fact, that the vaccine made to protect against corona is possible on the body of people who drink too much alcohol. According to research, before and after the vaccine, drinking too much alcohol can significantly affect the body’s ability to fight the virus.

Excess alcohol can suppress the immune system of the body, ie the immune system, and any negative effect on the immune system can make the vaccine effect useless. Earlier, in Russia, it was advised not to drink alcohol for two weeks before the vaccine was put in place and for 42 days later. Now you have to decide that in this phase of the epidemic, where the conditions are very bad, you can put your life in trouble by spilling too much jam because the risk of corona will remain if the vaccine is not affected.

So it became a matter of drinkers. Now we tell you how alcohol neutralizes the vaccine.
He researched rhesus monkeys, along with Ilham Mesaudi, director of the Center for Virus Research at the University of California and his colleagues. In which he gave alcoholic drinks to rhesus monkeys for seven months. And then they were vaccinated against the pox virus. Let me tell you that. Just like humans, some rhesus monkeys enjoy alcohol. And drink a lot, while monkeys of another species drink less.

Well, let’s talk about research. So during this research, it was found that. The monkeys had been drinking for a long time. The immune response in his body after the vaccine was quite weak. At the same time, the monkeys who drink alcohol in very small amounts have a stronger immune response than the monkeys who do not drink at all. At the same time, one such experiment was also done on mice. In which the same result came out


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