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black fungus
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Bhilwara: Black fungus is also coming out in the past corona infects in the district. In such a situation, questions have started to arise in the minds of people that whether black fungus can spread from one person to another like a corona. Nose, Ear, Throat specialist Dr Jayaraj Vaishnav, who is treating black fungus, says that it is not contagious like corona and does not spread from one person to another. This type of fungus is already present among us in places with air, soil, AC, dirt. Those whose immunity is weak should be cautious of this fungus. It is being told that 4 patients suffering from this are admitted in the city, while two have died and one has gone to the eyesight. At the same time, four people are still seeking help from the district administration for treatment. More than a dozen are undergoing treatment in Jaipur. It also includes a bank employee.

Deputy CMHO Dr Ghanshyam Chawla told that black fungus viruses are flying in the air, which goes into our nostrils. However, there are many such cells in the nose, which destroy it. Those whose immunity is weak, their nasal cells do not destroy them and they enter the fence. They grow quickly inside them. Now, due to corona, the immunity of the patient is reduced and then this fungus becomes dominant. In such a situation, there is a greater risk to those who are patients of sugar, covid is patient and their immunity is less. However, if it is detected in time, then it is possible to treat it with anti-fungal drugs.

Disease spreading due to ICU and low immunity

Severe corona infections remain on oxygen support in the ICU for a long time. During this time, blood-thinning medicines are also given along with steroid therapy to reduce lung infection. Oxygen keeps moisture around the nose, mouth and eyes. Failure of proper cleaning causes fungal infection and leads to infection.


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