Efforts are being made on the war footing to deal with Corona, oxygen is being transported through oxygen express

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New Delhi: Oxygen Express is running fast on track, oxygen is being transported from different parts of the country to areas including Delhi where there is a huge shortage of oxygen. Where the patients in hospitals are dying without oxygen. The Oxygen Express arrived in the national capital, Delhi, facing a shortage of oxygen amid the Corona epidemic. This will provide great relief to the patients of Delhi. The Oxygen Express departed from Durgapur yesterday and reached Tughlakabad Inland Container Depot in Delhi on Sunday afternoon. Through this, 120.18 metric tons of oxygen has been reached by filling six cryogenic liquid oxygen containers. Meanwhile, a third train carrying oxygen from Angul in Odisha is going to reach Delhi soon.

At the same time, a train from Angul in Odisha reached Secunderabad in Hyderabad. Indian Railways is playing a big role in the supply of oxygen in the Corona era. With the help of 56 tankers, more than 850 metric tons of oxygen have been supplied so far.

Meanwhile, the continuation of help from foreign countries continues. France has helped India struggling with lack of oxygen. 8 high-capacity oxygen generation plants, 28 ventilators and much other medical equipment have been sent from France to India.

Meanwhile, the first consignment of Indian assistance from Germany has reached. German aircraft arrived in Delhi with 120 ventilators and many essential medicines. The mobile oxygen plant will also ship to Germany. Belgium has also received help, Belgium has sent 9,000 voils of Remdelivir injection to India> Continued help from the US continues, another American aircraft carrying medical equipment and 9 lakh N95 reached India. Continued help from America continues, another American aircraft carrying medical equipment and 9 lakh N95 reached India.

Help arrived from Uzbekistan to India

During the Corona era, Uzbekistan is also carrying Uzbekistan aircraft to Delhi with the help of India, oxygen containers and other medical supplies.


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