Don’t Underestimate The Effects Of The Corona, The Virus Is As Dangerous As Before: WHO

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Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the Coronavirus is as dangerous as before and its effects should not be underestimated. The WHO has given this warning after the statement of a doctor in Italy, who says that the virus is weakening. WHO’s emergency director Michael Ryan said in a virtual briefing that we need to be careful. It is not right to think that the virus will end suddenly or its effect will reduce ‘.

Doctor Alberto Zangrillo, a resident of Milan, Italy, told a local television conversation that the COVID-19 infection is losing its potency and becoming less deadly. He said that the virus has become much weaker now than it was a month or two ago. He also claimed that the coronavirus is no longer present in Italy clinically.

Doctors may claim that the virus is vulnerable, but according to officials, Lombardy remains the most affected area in the north. So far 16,131 deaths have taken place here and 89,018 cases have been reported. However, only 50 new cases were registered on Monday, which is the lowest in Italy since February 26.

Health officials say that in the last 24 hours, new cases have increased by 178 and the number of infected patients has increased to 233,197 while 60 people have lost their lives during this period. With this, the total number of dead has reached 33,475.


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