Doctors wearing PPE kit celebrates Corona infected birthday in ICU, said – Happy Birthday Abhijeet

Birthday Abhijeet
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Ghaziabad: Where people are keeping distance from each other due to Covid-19 infection on one side. At the same time, a unique picture has emerged in a hospital in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi. Physicians and nursing staff celebrated the birthday of the patient admitted to the ICU ward to encourage corona infected patients in a private hospital. During this time, the cake was cut and all other patients were included in this celebration.

Covid-19 infected are being treated at Shreya Hospital in Ghaziabad. Here a large number of Covid-19 patients are admitted to the ICU ward. Among them, a young man named Abhijeet Singhania, 32 was also involved. Outsiders are not allowed in the ICU ward. The ICU in charge of the hospital came to know that Abhijeet has a birthday, he arranged a cake and the hospital staff celebrated the birthday by cutting the cake on the bed from Abhijeet. In-charge doctor of ICU ward, Ramesh Kumar said that all Covid-19 patients are in ICU. On getting information about the birthday of Corona infected Abhijeet, he celebrated the birthday in ICU itself to encourage other patients. Abhijeet’s birthday party included all the hospitalized patients and the staff happily celebrated Abhijeet’s birthday with great pomp.

He told that during this time all the patients of the hospital looked very happy. He said that if such an event is organized in the ICU ward, then the encouragement and will power of the admitted patients also increases. At the same time, all patients feel at home. That is, they do not feel lonely. In the Corona era, the Birthday Party has become a topic of discussion in the hospital’s ICU. Everyone is applauding the initiative of the hospital management for this.


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