Delhi HC order, Corona reports to come in 24 to 48 hours, ensure state government

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New Delhi: Delhi High Court order regarding Corona, report of Corona investigation should come in 24 to 48 hours. Delhi High Court in its order has fixed the deadline regarding the result of the report of Covid-19. The court said in its order that reports of coronavirus should come in 24 to 48 hours. Also, the Delhi government should continuously update on its website how many cases of Corona are in the state. Actually, Delhi High Court has given this order after hearing a PIL. It was said in the PIL that the report of Covid-19 is coming very late in Delhi. For this reason, the contact tracing team is not working properly and this is the reason that cases related to Covid-19 infection are increasing in the capital.

During the hearing, it was told that as of 28 April, there were 3295 results pending for the Covid-19 test which increased to 3793 by 30 April. At the same time, it was not even updated by the Delhi government, due to which the correct information of the cases related to Corona was not found.

Delay in getting the investigation report, However, during the hearing of this petition by the Delhi government, the court was told that the results of the investigation report going to the National Institute of Biological Noida were getting extremely late. In view of this, the Delhi government has stopped sending the test of Covid-19 there.

It was also told by the Delhi government that the number of testing for Covid-19 started from 1 April has increased almost 7 times by 1 May. On 1 April, testing was done for the Covid-19 with a number of 470 people.

5994 report pending in Noida itself, The court has been told by the Delhi government that till April 29, the results of 7794 reports of Covid-19 are pending. Of this, 5994 reports are pending in the National Institute of Biological (NIB), Noida alone. It has been told by the government that till the night of May 3, the results of 3790 reports related to testing of Covid-19 are awaited.


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