Delhi: Corona has the highest number of 428 cases in one day, the death toll reaches 65

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New Delhi: The total number of infected people reached 5,532 on Wednesday after 428 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the national capital Delhi. This is the largest figure to be revealed in a day. Delhi government gave this information According to the Delhi government, the death toll reached 65 after three days in the capital due to the death of an infected patient. He said that cases of coronavirus infection in Delhi have increased to 5,532. As of Tuesday night, the figure was 5,104 and the total death toll was 64.

Meanwhile, with a large number of health workers and security personnel found infected with the coronavirus in the country, the total number of patients of Covid-19 has crossed 50 thousand. At the same time, in states like West Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra, officials are worried about the high number of cases of infection deaths. Good news came from Kerala where no new cases of infection have come to light on Wednesday, whereas in Maharashtra, more than 1200 cases have been reported in a day.

There are also fears that the outbreak of the virus may increase with the loosening of lockdown measures as the number of cases is increasing in most of the urban centres of the country even now. The Union Health Ministry has stopped giving Covid-19 figures in the evening from Wednesday. In its morning update, the number of death cases was 1,694 and the total number of infections was 49,391. There have been an increase in 126 death cases and 2,958 infection cases respectively since Tuesday morning.

15 thousand people recovered, recovery rate reached 29%
It was also told in the figures that so far more than 15 thousand people have been cured in the country and the rate of recovery from the infection is around 29 per cent. While Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of cases of infection and death in the country, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Punjab are also badly affected by the deadly virus.


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