Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal expresses concern

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New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has expressed concern over the ongoing vaccination campaign in the country. Kejriwal has said that the pace at which people should be vaccinated in the country is not being able to apply at that speed. Talking to the media, the CM of Delhi said that this war cannot be won unless every Indian feels vaccinated. I want to make a suggestion today. Do not do only two companies to make the vaccine, many companies should be employed to make the vaccine. ‘

Along with this, Kejriwal said that ‘Coronavirus cases are getting reduced in Delhi now, with the support of all of you, the lockdown was successful. We have increased many beds of oxygen in the last few days. Now there is no shortage of ICU and Oxygen beds in the state.

On the vaccination process in Delhi, he said that we are applying 1.25 million doses of vaccine daily, we will soon start applying vaccine to more than three lakh people every day. We want to vaccinate all Delhiites in three months, but there is a problem of lack of vaccine.

“We have a few days of vaccine left now and this problem is nationwide.” Today, only two companies are making vaccines and both together make only six to seven crore vaccines a month. In this way, it will take us more than two years to apply the vaccine to every person in the country. ”

Kejriwal appealed to the central government and said that two companies, which are making the vaccine. Their formula should be taken and given to all the companies that can make the vaccine safely. This will increase vaccine production and make the vaccine available to all people.


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