Covid-19: Do Testing Like This At Home, You Will Get Instant Result

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New Delhi: Everyone is in trouble because of Corona. Because of this, people are facing problems like testing, beds and lack of oxygen. In Corona, people have to face problems like delay in testing. But in the coming time, people will not have to face the hassles of testing. The government has approved Home-Based Testing. With the introduction of a home-based test kit, the corona test will now speed up. People can check it sitting at home. Let us know how to test at home.

Use home testing only in those people who have symptoms of corona or have come in contact with the infected person. At the same time, it has also been advised not to test again and again. You have to download a mobile app (Mylab Covisself). This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You have to do the test according to the instructions given. After this, you will have to take a photo of the test and upload it to the app. After this, you will get the test result.

According to government data, the capacity of RE-PCR testing in the country is between 12-13 lakhs every day. At the same time, the capacity of rapid antigen testing is about 17 lakhs per day.

In the fight against the coronavirus, the government has issued an ‘easy to follow’ advisory, which states that aerosols of the coronavirus can float up to 10 meters in the air. The office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the government, Vijay Raghavan, said on Thursday that droplets from the sneeze of a person suffering from Covid-19 can fall within two meters and aerosols emanating from it up to 10 meters away.


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