Coronavirus: Penalty will be imposed if not wearing masks at the station or on the train, instructions issued by the railway

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New Delhi: If the mask is not worn in the railway station and trains, then action is certain. Given the increasing coronavirus, the Railways has issued instructions that if a person is seen without a mask in the railway station or trains, he can be fined up to 500 rupees. Railways have now included it as a crime under the Railway Act.

SOP in progress

Railways have issued a directive to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 protocol issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Affairs to prohibit the spread of Coronavirus. The order issued by the railway said, “Guidelines issued to prevent the spread of coronavirus include wearing masks. The SOP issued on May 11, 2020, for the movement of trains by the Indian Railways states that all passengers should be advised that they should be wearing face covers or masks during entry and travel.”

Fines on those spitting

The SOP states that mandatory use of masks and fines will now be listed under the Indian Railway Rules, 2012, which also has a provision for fines for those who spit on the railway premises. The order issued by the railway states, ‘Given the Covid-19, public health may be threatened by someone not wearing a mask and spitting. Those not wearing masks or spitting will be fined Rs 500.’

1,341 more lost their lives

This order of the railway will remain in force for six months at present. The Health Ministry said that 2,34,692 new cases of Covid-19 and 1,341 more patients died in a day, the total number of infected in India increased to 1,45,26,609 while the death toll increased to 1,75,649. More than 16 lakh patients are currently undergoing corona treatment.


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