Coronavirus: Ministry of Home Affairs asked all the states, identify districts with more than a 10 per cent positivity rate and take strict action

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New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines regarding the corona epidemic. In which all states and union territories have been asked to identify the districts where the infection rate is more than 10 per cent. Or, the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked for the districts where more than 60 per cent of the beds have been filled.

Home Ministry issued guidelines

The Home Ministry has asked the states to strictly follow the Corona Protocol in all such districts where there are more cases of Covid. The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that whichever district fulfils one of these two things should be strict vigilance by creating a cantonment zone.

Guidelines released on April 24 to be followed

The Union Home Ministry has clearly stated that all the states will have to follow the guidelines issued on April 25 keeping in mind the corona epidemic. These Cocona protocols will remain in force until 31 May.

3.79 lakh new cases in a day, more than 30 lakh active cases

The Ministry of Health said on Thursday that the total number of people infected with Covid-19 in India has increased to 1,83,76,524 with the maximum number of 3,79,257 new cases coming in a day, while the number of patients receiving treatment is more than 30 lakhs. Has been. According to the data released by the ministry at eight in the morning, the total number of deaths due to infection of 3645 people in one day has increased to 2,04,832.


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