Coronavirus: Death toll from Covid-19 in Europe crosses 1 million: WHO

Coronavirus toll
The coronavirus cases in India have gone past 12000-mark. (Source: Twitter)
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Geneva: A top official of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Europe has crossed 10 million and the situation remains ‘grim’ as 16 million infections a week occur in the region new cases are coming. Referring to recent concerns about vaccines, Dr Hannes Klug also stated that the risk of blood clotting in people suffering from Covid-19 is much higher than those receiving anti-corona vaccines of AstraZeneca Have done.

Infection is less in some countries

Talking to reporters during a visit to Greece, Klug underlined the “early signs that infection is subsiding in some countries” and referred to ‘decreasing cases’ among the elderly. He said that the ratio of Covid-19 deaths among people over 80 years has dropped by about 30 per cent. This is the lowest level during the epidemic. The elderly were given priority in vaccination.

Everyone can take the AstraZeneca vaccine

He said, “At present, there is more scope for the Covid-19 infected to suffer from blood clotting than the person who has taken AstraZeneca vaccine.” He said, “There should be no doubt that the AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the reasons for hospitalization due to Covid-19 and prevents deaths.” He said that WHO recommends its use for all eligible adults.


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